Can Cockroaches fly?
Jun 12 2016

Can Cockroaches Fly?

Can The Big Gran Canaria Cockroaches Fly?

Technically, the big Gran Canaria cockroaches can NOT fly. To be exact, cockroaches cannot fly upwards at all. In order to fly, they have to first climb up high on a wall, tree, street-post or similar, before they can lift off and stay air-borne. They then kind of sail downwards while the flapping of their wings helps them stay longer in the air. If it is a really warm night, due to the air-pressure, they can stay air-borne longer and can fly from one house wall to the other. That is how cockroaches fly in through an open window or terrace door.

Cockroaches are night-active

Cockroaches are night-active, sun-light shy and temperature-sensitive. In the day-time you will hardly see any living roaches around. In the day-time they will only come out of hiding if they are threatened, for example by a fumigation or if you disturb their hiding place. If their living space is over-populated or if temperatures are rising, you will begin seeing cockroaches coming out about an hour after it gets dark. We say, if you see one – there are at least 20 more where ever that one came from.

Where do cockroaches live and hide?

According to pest control experts we have spoken to, cockroaches primarily live in the sewers systems, the Canarian grass, connecting pipes, electric tubes and false ceiling and walls – all of which are near humans. In the south of Gran Canaria there are much more cockroaches to be found than in the north of the island. Basically, the warmer the climate the more cockroaches will be seen on the street, homes, hotels and offices.

How to kill a cockroach?

When cockroaches fly they resemble a big moth. On the floor or wall they move incredibly fast for their size, something like 5 km per hour. That would be the same as a human running 300 km/h. So, if you think you can kill the beast in your home with one smack, go for it. Be sure to clean all the remains afterwards, especially if the female has been carrying eggs. If you only disturb the roach and it runs away it will hide until it feels safe again. A roach lays at least 20 eggs. So you just don’t want that one to escape in the living room under the sofa.

Gran Canaria Cockroaches

We recommend to spray insecticide. They will flee, but a few seconds later the nerve poison will start reacting and the roach will fall on its back. The insecticide will kill the cockroach eventually even if it hides behind a bookshelf or similar. When it has fallen on its back the cockroach cannot turn around unless it can get hold of something with its legs. When it is sitting on the wall or ceiling be aware that it will most likely lift off and fly towards you, when you begin spraying. Best is to kind of knock it down and be ready with the spray.

When are we talking of a cockroach infestation?

If you see a new big cockroach on three consecutive days, you have a serious infestation! Remember, if you have seen 3, there are 57 others hiding somewhere. But as rule of thumb, three different cockroaches in a 7 day period, call the fumigators. If you see small to tiny cockroaches in your kitchen twice, call the fumigators straight away! They are difficult to get rid of and you want to start with the cockroach pest control as soon as possible!

You can read here how the cockroach pest-control is done. We recommend REDUMA Fumigators. They do an effective job for a good price. And they give a year’s guarantee.

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