Gran Canaria Bus Lines & Time Schedule
Feb 27 2017

Gran Canaria Bus Lines is the name of the company who runs all the public Gran Canaria bus lines on the island. You have seen them for sure on the road, the public buses are turquoise with a yellow circle on the side and their corresponding line number in the front window. The locals call the bus “guagua”. It sounds like “wuawua”.

The number 1, is the Gran Canaria bus line which runs from north to south – namely from Las Palmas, main station – San Telmo and all the way to Puerto Mogán. The nº1 stops in every village on the way and takes about 90 – 120 minutes for the whole trip.

If you are planning to take the public bus while on Gran Canaria, best is to check out the different lines and see which best suits your needs. When you click on the links below, a new window will open with a pdf.

Gran Canaria Bus Lines & Schedules in PDF

The Gran Canaria bus plans can sometimes be a little tricky to read, as they only show the time of the first station, from which the bus is sheduled to leave. You have to figure out yourself when they will arrive at your station. On each Gran Canaria bus station there is time plan though when the buses are due on that particular station. Also check out GLOBAL SU Map

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